WLKATA Mirobot Basic Kit– 6-Axis Mini Industrial Robot For Education

Product Description

Wlkata Mirobot is a 6-axis open-source mini-industrial robotic arm for education purpose. Mirobot has been chosen by top-ranked universities and schools in more than 40 countries. It provides an ideal robotic learning platform for higher education, R&D laboratories, makers and professional training users.

WLKATA Mirobot – 6-Axis Mini Industrial Robot For Education

Wlkata Mirobot, An Open Source 6-axis Mini Industrial Robot You Can Afford – Easy to use, compact size and affordable, Wlkata Mirobot is designed for robotic and industrial automation education purpose. This mini industrial robotic arm is an ideal platform for learning ROS, V-rep, Blockly, Matlab, CAN and 485 bus-mastering control.

Our customers use Mirobot for studying Mechanics, Informatics (ROS, V-rep, Blockly, Matlab, etc), Industrial Automation and Smart Factory 4.0 (CAN and 485 bus-mastering control). Mirobot not only offers a wide range of end-tools and accessories for creating mini-production line, but also gives you access to a complete range of “Robotic and IoT (Internet of Things) Education Resource Based on Mirobot” to create mini production line or AI visual recognition demonstrations.

You could program Mirobot by G-code, Blockly, Scratch, Python, C++. Wlkata also provides a wide range of end-tools and accessories for creating creative projects, mini-production line and future Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios. Check our Website and Github community to access to the up-to-date Mirobot Education Resource (tutorials, source code, DIY guidance, models) which is free for all.

  • High Accuracy Step Motor
  • Open-Source Hardware
  • Up To 110d/s Joint Speed
  • Ideal For Maker & Student

Mirobot Trains Young Engineers With Tomorrow Concepts

Mirobot is a cute medium for describing future life and emerging robotic technologies. Mirobot is design with 6 axis, an essential feature to obtain the freedom of movement necessary for nearly all of the industrial and domestic uses. With 7 types end-using tools, wireless controller, conveyor belts, sliding rails, visual recognition kit, rover and more, the engineers and makers can create unlimited scenes of future life right on the table. Wlkata also provides a rich range of tutorials to help educators building demonstrative cases, such as robotic logistics sorting, automated garbage sorting, automated fruit-collecting, smart factory production line, unmanned retailing, etc.

A Robot Used By Universities,  High-Schools, Labs and Professionals Globally

Mirobot has been chosen by lots of top-ranked universities and schools worldwide. It is an ideal robotic learning platform for higher education, R&D laboratories, makers and professional training users. Mirobot has gain popularity so quickly that has been sold to more than 40 countries in 3 months after launch. Most of the users adopted Mirobot in the following fields:

  • High-school STEM course (K9-K12)
  • Higher education laboratory course
  • Vocational school practical training
  • Automatism (G-code, GRBL, CAN, 485 bus-mastering)
  • Mechanics
  • Computing and AI software (Open-MV)
  • Matlab
  • Simulation (ROS, V-rep, Gazebo, Webot, Coppelia robotics)
  • Electronics (Arduino)
  • Laser cutting
  • Factory production line demonstration
  • Robotic competition

Wlkata continuingly creates and release educational resources each month on the official website. By following the online tutorials and DIY guidance and download the open-source code and models, you could easily build attractive robotic demonstrations with tomorrow concepts. We also actively interact with fans in Facebook, Github, Forum and Twitter channels, so you know where to find us and count on help!


Lightweight & Ready-assembled Device:
Using ABS Engineering plastic as the outer shell material which makes it strong and light-weighted only 1.5kg. It is a robotic arm that can be held in your hand.

Various Intelligent Control Methods:
Mirobot supports PC, Mobile phone, Mirobot Bluetooth Controller and APP control.

Highly Precise:
The repeated positioning accuracy is 0.2mm, which makes it ideal for education purpose and light-duty tasks.



Drawing, Writing And More
Enjoy the fun of art creation with Mirobot. Utilizing the user-friendly Mirobot Studio software, you can program Mirobot to create beautiful handwriting,drawing, laser cut and more — this is achieved simply by writing on the screen in Mirobot studio.

Robotics Learning For Beginners and Engineers
Mirobot Studio supports Blockly, G Code and Python for coding beginners. Furthermore, Mirobot also opens its API interface and supports multiple programming languages, such as C, C++, C#, and JAVA. WLKATA also provides model and supporting documents for V-rep, ROS, Matlab, etc. so it is perfect for tailor-made software development.

Mini Factory On Your Desk
Mirobot can be applied in many industrial simulation and educational purpose, where it can perform repeated tasks such as palletizing, pick and placing, assembling, and more. Why not build your own mini production line at home or in your workshop with the handy Mirobot.

It provides an ideal robotic learning platform for higher education, R&D laboratories, makers and professional training users.


Mirobot Studio includes powerful tools for creative work and learning, such as draw, write, laser cut, teach & play, etc. Mirobot also supports ROS, V-rep, Webots and more open sourced platforms, so everyone can make Mirobot better or customize their own robotic arm.

Technical Specifications

Item Value
Product Name Wlkata Mirobot Basic Kit
Axle Number 6+1
Material Aluminum alloy, ABS engineering plastics
Payload 150g
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.2mm
Power supply voltage 100 V – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Power input 12 V / 4A DC
Power 50W Max
Function STEM/Robot EducationSmart Factory
Package  Size 40X30X30 cm
Single gross weight 2.5 Kg

Axis Motion Parameters

Shaft Working Range Maximum Speed
Axis 1 -100°~+100° 31°/s
Axis 2 -60°~+90° 65°/s
Axis 3 -180°~+50° 28°/s
Axis 4 -180°~+180° 110°/s
Axis 5 -180°~+40° 33°/s
Axis 6 -180°~+180° 66°/s

Packing & Shipping

We will use standard packaging and all products on display are certified. After the payment, we will contact the customer to confirm the delivery time. If there will be a delay of shipping, we will contact you in time and discuss about the alternative shipping date.

  • Selling Units: Single set
  • Single package size: 40X30X30 cm
  • Single gross weight: 2.500 kg
  • Place of Origin: Beijing, China
  • Brand Name: Wlkata
  • Model Number: Mirobot Basic Kit
  • Production Version: Open-source
  • Manufacturer: Beijing Tsinew Technologies Co., Ltd. China