Underwater Drone with a 4K Camera and 50m Cable

Product Description

Your First Underwater Drone with a 4K Camera and 50m Cable

CCROV could dive up to 100 meters of depth, have 6 thrusters for flexible movement, unique TMS for longer power support and safety, 4K camera for high resolution recording. Compact size, light and extremely easy to handle even have no experience on ROV pilot, also it has a shell made of polymer composites that resistant to sea water.

CCROV have 6 thrusters and 5 different degree freedom, could move to different direction freely.

CCROV could take 4K picture and video by build-in camera and 720P real-time transmission transmission through cable.

CCROV have IP68 high-level waterproof capability, could dive 120 meter depth.

CCROV have a special tether deploy system, which help you to collect the cable easily and quickly after work


  • Aquaculture
  • Engineering
  • Inspections
  • Search and Rescue
  • Yacht and Sailboat
  • Underwater Photography
  • Underwater Sports
  • Underwater News
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Sailing

CCROV move everywhere to watch the situation underwater replace fixed-point monitors and transfer the real-time image back directly, which make the work easier and more efficient.

Engineering Inspection
With real 4K camera and small size, CCROV could take Ultra HD pictures and video, which is helpful to learn the engineering info underwater, especially for narrow space.

Search and Rescue
CCROV have 5 degree freedom and easy to move to different direction freely, which will make the search and rescue more efficient.

Yacht and Sailboat Inspection
CCROV could take 4K pictures and video and transfer the real-time image back directly, replace special diver, which could make the inspection safer and reduce the cost greatly.

Underwater Photography
CCROV could dive 100 meter and take 4K video at the same time, help you to explore the mysterious world underwater

In terms of stability in water, CCROV is also equipped with a function for maintaining the buoyancy, it will make adjustment on propellers spinning for stability when water flow changing. A function that allows the observation of the underwater world once the desired depth has been reached without having to resort to continuous manual adjustments.

We are Vxfly Intelligent Information Technology — a manufacturer of Micro observe class ROV “CCROV”, also we are in R&D processing of different class ROV and unmanned surface vehicle. We working since 2015 and until now we have dozens of customers in countries and distributors in Germany, Norway, Japan, Spain, etc.

Exquisite and User-Friendly Operate
CCROV is the smallest ROV in the market, with dimension about 208x204x158mm. You can easily take everywhere in backpack or suitcase. The operate system is quite user-friendly, could easily to operate through remote control or APP.
The high flexibility of use of the CCROV allows you to use it with professional results

  • In marine inspection and commercial diving work supporting
  • In aquaculture for the control of fish and farming facilities
  • In guidance of underwater salvage locating and operation
  • In inspections of dams, basins and pipelines
  • In monitoring aquatic environments
  • In underwater archeology

Main Features

208mm*204mm*158mm, compact size for portable and confined space,
6 thrusters for smart movement, withstand 2 knots underwater current,
4K video recording resolution ability,
Unique TDS System for longer operated time,
Easy to use even have no experience ROVs pilot, ready to dive,

The CCROV Standard Package Contains

CCROV Machine*1
Tether Management System + Cable*1
Remote Controller*1

Battery Charger *1

Optional accessory:

Extra Battery
AC Module Charger (Charging using)
Black Hard Suitcase