Ugcs CC Team Edition Base License For Centralized Drone Operations Management Solution

Product Description

Centralised drone operations management solution to enhance efficiency of search and rescue missions, surveillance and incident investigation.

Command Center Team Edition is a software package that provides automation of typical operations of a team using drones to support aerial data capture and distribution in incident location, search and rescue, disaster response. The software is excellent for operations in small and mid sized areas with temporary headquarters (temporary command center) for operation coordination. The solution provides software for team commander and drone pilots.

Main features


  • 3D map with offline mode and custom spatial data support
  • Orthophoto map and elevation generator
  • Flight planning tools for photogrammetry
  • Flight planning tools for SAR: expanding squares, creeping line
  • Coordination of work of multiple pilots
  • Marking of points and areas of interest
  • Displaying of placemarks with photos from pilot`s software on a commander`s map
  • Online video feed from pilot screens
  • Remote control of a drone camera through the pilot software
  • Telemetry logging and playback with synchronized video
  • Optional ADS-B monitor to avoid collisions with manned helicopters and aircraft
  • Video and photo recording (coming soon)
  • Routing of the data streams to higher level command centers (coming soon)
  • Operation status and performance reporting
  • Support for Windows, Mac (coming soon) and Linux (coming soon) based computers


  • Support for DJI drones: P4 series, Inspire series, M200/210, M600, Mavic series
  • 2D map
  • Offline mode for the map (coming soon)
  • Synchronization of flight plans prepared by commander
  • Video and photo recording
  • Video streaming to commander
  • Advanced pilot HUD (overlay for video preview window) for flying in complex terrain: camera altitude, AGL altitude indicator (coming soon), approximate GPS coordinates of the image center
  • Synchronization of found areas of interest with linked images with commander`s map (coming soon)
  • ADS-B warnings from command center to avoid collisions with maned helicopters in the area of operation (coming soon)
  • Support for Android tablets

To setup a command center in the field one needs a WiFi (or other IP network with sufficient bandwidth) network to connect pilots GCSs with commander`s computer.

Minimal hardware configuration for team of 5 pilots and 1 commander includes the following:

  • 2x laptop with Core i7 2.8Ghz 8 Cores, 16Gb RAM, 521 Gb Hdd SSD, Full HD Screen, Graphical Card Nvidia GeForce Gtx Series, WiFi, Windows 8/10 64bit
  • 5x Android tablet with Android 7+, 6Gb RAM, 8 inch screen, WiFi, LTE
  • 1x WiFi router