TACTIGON Skin Developer Kit

Product Description

TACTIGON SKIN (T-SKIN) is a natural extension of your hand. It is not a glove or bracelet, but a tiny device for many applications: Robotics, Drone control, VR/AR, Gaming, and HID.

The Tactigon Developer Kit includes :

  • N.1 Tactigon Skin
  • Example code in Arduino
  • SD Card IMAGE for Raspberry

TACTIGON SKIN (T-SKIN) works with the Arduino language. It is very easy to use thanks to the ergonomic form factor; one application can be the use of T-SKIN during company presentation or a training course. T-SKIN has 4 programmable key for different combination of hand movements and fingers. If you use it with a 3D CAD, for example, you can rotate your left or right hand and the object on the screen will follow your movement. Or, you can feel holding the virtual object in your hands and looking at it in all its perspectives using also the key combinations to zoom in or out.

THE TACTIGON SKIN is man-machine interface revolution.