STEM Dragon – A Build and Fly STEM Drone Kit

Product Description

This kit was created by the nation’s leader supplier of drone aerial robotics equipment and training for STEM Education. The STEM DRAGON Kit is intended for educators to introduce drone technology into the classroom safely and effectively.

Like its xx namesake, the STEM Dragon’s wings fold, reducing its lateral size. The GPS antenna also folds and the landing is easily removed via a few thumbscrews. These features reduce the overall size of the STEM Dragon to a small 7” x 10” x 2” making it easy to store.

The Kit includes the aerial robot drone, assembly tools, build and operating instructions, safety equipment and classroom resources. Student teams can build and operate this aerial robot and experience a hands-on STEM challenge.
The STEM DRAGON Education Kit offers a drone that is:

  • Re-Buildable
  • Reliable and Durable to Use
  • Stable to Fly
  • Enhanced with Safety Features and extra Equipment
  • Foldable for easy storage


Ages 14 and above
One Education Kit for every 4 to 6 students at a beginner to intermediate level understanding of robotics.
For safety, students configuring the aircraft flight computer should be 18 years old or above, or be supervised by someone 18 years old or above.
No soldering required!


Building Materials for 1 Drone
2 Batteries
1 Charger
Assembly Tools and soldering iron
Box for Components
Safety Equipment
Classroom Resources
Storage bin
Free 2-hour phone support consultations with OnPoynt drone technicians

Note: Actual drone may be slightly different than the one pictured here due to advancements or upgrades.

Technical Description:

The STEM DRAGON Kit features a quadcopter drone with four motors, electronic speed controllers, a flight computer, and other required components. Included are two batteries, a charger, a remote controller-transmitter and building tools. The quadcopter can be assembled and disassembled for repeated use. It is GPS stabilized and has two heading-independent flight modes.

Downloadable software along with the included USB computer– aircraft interface cable, allows students to configure, adjust and manipulate setting to the aircraft’s flight computer to add to the STEM learning experience. These setting include sensor gains, calibrating the electronic compass, flight computer and the remote controller.

Safety Features – As an added safety feature:

Fail Safe “Return-To-Home and Land” (RTH) feature – ensure the aircraft can always be retrieved
Altitude and Distance limiters – keep the drone in sight and avoid violating FAA altitude rule
A battery low voltage warning light – lets you know its time change it out
Additional safety equipment.