Smart Delivery Robot M01

Product Description

Small in size but big in capacity. Easy to manage through cloud. The smart delivery robot M01, with autonomous indoor navigation, is driving up a seamless courier system for various scenarios: hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and factories. Customized design service comes along to maximize the performance, for different tasks and fields.

Made In: Taiwan By New Era AI Robotic Inc. New Era AI Robotic Inc. is backed by New Kinpo Group (NKG), the world’s leading electronic manufacturing conglomerate. We focus on artificial intelligence & robotic development on voice AI, computer vision and autonomous motion. We are also competitive in offering total solution capabilities, in-house development & production, application deployment experience, and global operation, design & service. New Era AI Robotic is dedicated to developing innovative products and technologies, particularly in offering wide range of robots for Smart Service and Edutainment sector. We are bringing the cutting edge integrated service robot with multi-solution for broad range of applications.

Dimensions: 22.8 × 20.5 × 14 in; Weight: 88 lbs.

The robots are designed to share the workload from staff and free them from routine delivery tasks, instead, focus on value-added work. The autonomous navigation system inside allows fast indoor mapping. The chassis is compatible with any custom-made top. Not only does the robots drive up productivity, but also the workflow.

Easy to adopt

M01 is able to perform indoor SLAM thanks to its industrial leading LiDAR, which is able to generate a map in a 10,000 m2 space under 60 minutes without applying magnetic stripe or UWB(Ultra-Wideband) devices to alter the environment.

Smooth and Sturdy

M01 is perfect for space-constraint areas like an elevator or an office corridor for carrying up to 100kg of goods.

High Flexibility

Fully costume-made modules satisfy diverse needs of customers around the world, providing optimal solutions for hospitals, hotels, restaurants and factories

Fleet Management System

M01 fleet management system not only allows customers to monitor robots and assign tasks through the cloud, but also control and program remotely as well as updating software OTA (Over-The-Air). Whenever our customers change, M01 can change right along with the needs.

Dual Delivery Modes

There are two delivery modes to select on M01: self-optimize path mode and constant delivery mode. When under self-optimize mode, M01 will make detour and recalculate the path when run into an obstacle. With constant delivery mode, M01 will stop when run into an obstacle and resume the pre-set route after the obstacle cleaned up.