Six-Legged, Agile and Highly Adaptable Robot

Product Description

Six-Legged, Agile and Highly Adaptable Robot: The HEXA

Meet HEXA, a six-legged, agile, highly adaptable robot that’s got more gusto than you can imagine. HEXA delivers you with the ideal hardware and software platform to learn and explore robotics. Start creating the robot functionality you’ve always envisioned.

Robots are the next big platform. We’ve all dreamed of a world where robots interact with and help humans in their daily lives. But the reality is, robots have a long way to go. Limited access — robots are either too expensive and complex isolated to a lab or too simplistic, a child’s toy — has kept innovators, explorers and the masses at bay. Robots need to be accessible to the many, not the few. Only then will we see the robot revolution.

Hexa Robot Specification

  • Each purchase comes complete with HEXA the 6-legged robot, SDK, 3D simulator, mobile app and standard charger
  • Sensors: 720P camera with night vision; 3-axis accelerometer; distance measuring sensor; infrared transmitter
  • Maneuverability: Each leg is equipped with three motors and three DoF. Its head can spin endlessly
  • Processor: Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 @1GHz
  • Interfaces: USB, audio input & output, I2C, ADC, GPIO, 5V / 3V3 power outlet
  • Storage: 8 GB
  • Battery: 45-180 minutes (continuous use), charging time 2.5 hours (charging cable) or 4 hours (wireless dock)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, HEXA can act as a Wi-Fi access point
  • Dimensions: Height 4.72 inches, diameter 20 inches