Saxon SRV Futura Mapping Drone

Product Description

The M6-D Mapper is the essential system from Saxon to cover all your mapping and agriculture needs. This complete turnkey system is the most economical option for entering the fixed-wing market or building a fleet of unmanned systems at an excellent price point. Developed specifically for agriculture and surface mapping, the SRV Futura system is ideally suited for ISR, SAR, agriculture crop inspections, elevation mapping, aerial survey, floodplain modeling, disaster area mapping and more.

Built from fiberglass and EPO foam, and designed with forgiving flight characteristics the SRV Futura is well suited for novice pilots and flight training. The SRV Futura system comes complete with aircraft, optional sensor, and all necessary ground support equipment. SRV Futura the complete package for your mapping mission.

Mapper Includes:

  • Aircraft (Complete)
  • Pixhawk or NAVIO2 Autopilot
  • Taranis Radio
  • Datalink
  • Batteries (2)
  • Bungee Launcher
  • Manual