SafeAir Matrice 600 Autonomous Parachute Drone

Product Description

Equip your drones with the #1 Drone Safety System on the market. Now with enhanced abilities: auto – arm and auto – disarm features.

  • Parazero’s smart autonomous Matrice 600 safety system.
  • Compatible with all M600\Pro variations including D-RTK. (Please let us know if you are using D-RTK after placing the order).
  • Protects payload, people, property and your brand. SafeAir™ enables BVLOS and autonomous operations.
  • Import duties and VAT not included.
  • Requires (not provided) additional configural remote OR DJI remote controller expansion kit.

ParaZero offers a smart and effective solution to address the industry’s safety challenges by designing the best-in-class autonomous drone safety system to keep bystanders on the ground below safe and protect the drone and payload from crashing.

The SafeAir M-600 drone safety system is an end to end solution that is designed for DJI’s Matrice 600 series.

SafeAir uses independent sensors to continuously monitor the drone’s flight data for anomalies. When critical failures are detected a series of autonomous safety measures are triggered:

Features and Functionality

  • ParaZero’s SafeAirTM is the only proven drone safety solution that is reliable and effective in any drone emergency situation
  • Compatible with different antenna configurations including D-RTK model
  • Automatic – arming and automatic – disarming added for increased safety, the system works seamlessly without any operator actions
  • Easy plug and play installation and integration within 15 minutes
  • Automatic triggering of safety measures during emergencies or freefall. Can be manually activated using the DJI Channel Expansion Kit or a separate remote
  • Audio warning for people on the ground
  • Access data logs from black box
  • Includes all mounting and necessary installation components
  • Authorized as safe to transport on commercial flights
  • Safety pin prevents unintended arming or activation. No risk of uncontrolled activation during handling, maintenance, and transportation
  • Industrial grade system with the level of reliability found in commercial aviation systems

Technical Information

ParaZero’s SafeAirTM is the only proven drone safety solution that is reliable and effective in any drone emergency situation.

Total weight: 3.08 lbs / 1.4kg
Altitude loss until full deployment (hover): 23-33 feet / 7m
Vertical speed of descent (with maximum take off weight of 23.1-34.2 lbs/15.5Kg) : 13.1-15.1 fps / 4.6 m/s
Approx. impact energy: 80-163J
Compatible with Matrice 600 configurations

M-600 User installation video