Robo E3 Smart 3D Printer with WiFi

Product Description

The Robo E3 is a safe, smart, simple, and high-performance 3D printer with Wi-Fi (Google chromebook and iPad compatible) packed with safety features perfect for education, including a full enclosure and HEPA filter. ≈ 6″ x 6″x 6″ build volume. The Robo E3 3D printer comes as a program for the classroom which includes:

  • Extended 2 year warranty
  • Spare parts pack
  • 2 hours of online professional development and certification
  • Starter Plan for MyStemKits.com to integrate 3D printing with over 300+ K-12 standards driven STEAM lessons and 3D design challenges to choose from (Unlock up to 5 kits or design challenges).

Robo E3 Smart 3D Printer Features Include:

  • Wi-Fi + Cloud printing compatibility with Chromebooks and iPads
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Removable nozzle
  • Fully enclosed with Hepa Filter
  • Heated, Removable Build Plate for easy to pop off prints
  • On board camera for remote monitoring of print jobs
  • Open source filament
  • Flexible connectivity

Prints 20+ Material Types

With Robo E3, the heated print bed and open source filament system allows you to print in over 30 different types of materials.
Here are some of the materials that you can print in:
PLA, ABS, Aromatic PLA, Glow in the Dark PLA, Wood PLA, PET-G Flexible TPE, Flexible TPU, Thermo Temp Color Changing PLA, Bronze-filled PLA, Copper-Filled PLA, Brass-Filled PLA, Glass Filled PLA, Stainless-Steel Filled PLA, Iron-Filled PLA, Carbon Fiber PLA, Carbon Fiber Nylon, Conductive PLA, Magnetic Iron, PVA & more.

Robo 3D / MyStemKits have been around since 2013 and merged together in 2018 to deliver a turn key educational 3D printer solution to all K-12 schools making it easy for even the most beginner teacher to use a 3D printer to teach Math, Science, and Engineering.