Revel Robotic Manipulator

Product Description

Revel is a 6 degree of freedom, mid-sized, fully ROS powered robot arm built to meet the needs of real world applications. With a strong construction with a small footprint, the Revel arm is easy to integrate into new or existing projects. Revel has also been designed to use as an educational tool for learning ROS so that students can acquire skills quickly to become the next big name in robotics.

Revel Robotic Manipulator

The Revel Robotic Manipulation Platform is a highly flexible, fully featured robot arm that has the payload, reach and control algorithms of the ‘big brands’ in robotics while retaining a price that individuals and businesses can afford.

Revel has a unique Learning from Demonstration mode that simplifies the process of training the robot a repeatable motion. Combine Svenzva’s software stack with the fact that Revel is fully ROS (Robot Operating System) enabled means that individuals can quickly integrate the robot into their existing ROS projects, and bootstrap new projects from the massive open source project.

The Revel at a glance:

  • 6 DOF + Parallel Gripper
  • 63cm horizontal reach
  • 1.3kg full reach payload
  • 12V DC Input
  • 67 Watts power consumption at max payload
  • Easily removable gripper for custom solutions
  • Open design allows for custom projects, e.g. vacuum gripping systems

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About Revel Manufacturer

Svenzva Robotics is an Engineering company focused on making useful, practical robots that businesses, educators and individuals can afford. This is accomplished by utilizing powerful technology coupled with clever engineering design. It is our mission to make our products accessible for anyone that wishes to learn, experiment or integrate robotics into their projects.