Motorola CONNECT40 5" Wi-Fi Video Baby and Home Monitor

Product Description

Spend less time worrying and more time enjoying what really matters with the Motorola CONNECT40 family monitor. Keep an eye on your baby, pets, loved ones and home on the 5” display or stream live in HD on-the-go using the Hubble for Motorola Monitors app. Oversee the entire room with remote pan scan while digital zoom and tilt gives a close up view. Monitor the room temperature to make sure your loved ones are comfortable and speak to them using the two-way talk feature. Infrared night vision means you can see what’s going on day or night, while the multi-color mood light creates a soothing atmosphere.

View All Corners of the Room

Get to know everything that's happening with no blind side. Our family camera monitor may be remotely panned left to right, tilted up and down, and zoomed in or out.

Versatile Use

This versatile camera can be used to monitor other things than your baby. Use it for monitoring elderly loved ones at home, your pets or your personal belongings for added security while you’re away.

2-Way Audio Communication

Our intercom monitor is mounted with a speaker and a high-sensitivity mic, allowing you to communicate with your infant, family, or pets even while you are away from home.

Voice Assistance Enabled

Control the camera without lifting a finger. Connect the device to Alexa or Google Assistant and easily access its features while you work, travel or do chores.

Impressive Display

Control the unit of this wireless video monitor on a 5" screen, or pair it to your compatible smart device. Play, record and share high quality content with your friends and family, day or night, with it’s built-in infrared night vision.