Motorola Comfort85CONNECT

Product Description

The Motorola Comfort85Connect helps you stay connected at home and on-the-go. Control all camera functions at home on the large, 5” color screen and use any compatible smartphone or tablet to monitor in HD, from anywhere. Get a full view of the room and up close view of your baby with the remote pan scan, digital tilt and zoom functions.

The Motorola Comfort85Connect helps you stay connected at home and on-the-go. Monitor baby and control camera functions at home on the large, 5” display or stream from anywhere in the world in HD on your smartphone or tablet via the Hubble app. Get a full view of the room with pan scan and digital tilt, and use the digital zoom to get a closer look at your little one. Use the two-way talk to listen to your baby and comfort them with your voice, without stepping into the nursery. Choose from 5 preloaded lullabies, or download more through the Hubble app, to help lull your baby to sleep. Always stay connected to what matters most.

5" Diagonal Color Screen with Remote Pan Scan, Digital Tilt and Zoom

Monitor and control all camera functions from the large, 5" display. See the entire room using the remote pan scan and digital tilt functions and get a close up view of your little one with digital zoom.

Hubble Connected for Smartphones and Tablets

Download the Hubble Connected app to monitor from anywhere through a safe and encrypted connection. Control all camera functions from your smartphone or tablet, so you always know what's going on in the nursery even when you're not home. Download additional lullabies, soothing sounds and audiobooks or create your own personal audio recordings to play for baby. Receive a video sleep diary of your baby's night, record videos, track your baby's growth and development, read expert parenting and sleep tips, share videos and photos to your social media, and so much more!

Two-Way Talk

Use the two-way talk feature to hear your little one clearly and soothe them with your voice, from another room. Or, communicate with your partner while they're in the nursery.

Multi-Color Mood Light

Soothe your little one with the multi-color mood light and use it to see where the camera is placed, in the nursery, without having to turn on the lights.

Expandable Up To 4 Cameras

Pair up to 4 cameras to your Motorola monitor to keep an eye on multiple rooms in your home. The Comfort85 Connect is compatible with the Comfort85ConnectBU.