Model 80 Drapery Motor for Automation

Product Description

Model 80 Drapery Motor is to be used in combination with a switch, timer, home automation system, WiFi switch, remote control, or anything else that the motor can plug into to be controlled to turn on or off. The dial on the motor adjust how far the motor will operate in either direction. This means you can customize the motor to work for any length window.

Model 80 drapery motor helps to automatically open and close window covering to improve security, energy efficiency, as well as temperature control. Whether you need you office windows to close around noon to keep the heat out or to close your house window covering in the evening to keep unwanted visitors from looking in, this Model 80 drapery motor can help.

This is the simplest drapery motor design on the market. Incredibly easy for everyone to setup and use. Simply remove the cord pulley from your drapery or vertical blind. The motor fits in existing cord loop without modification. Model 80 is a very compact unit. Installation hardware included. One year parts replacement limited warranty.

Motor spec’s: 120volts 60herts 19watts. Motor comes with an AC to DC cord for operation so it will work with your household power current. Motor itself is a DC powered (Cord can be modified for DC power.

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