Longer 3D-The Fast and Precise Desktop DLP 3D Printer SKYLINE

Product Description

Desktop DLP 3D Printer SKYLINE Features

1. Printing Technology: Digital Light Processing(DLP)
Custom-Build UV LED Projector with 405nm Light Engine
Hinged Peel Mechanism
Resin Tank with Extended Lifetime(50L)
Easily Removable Supports
2. XY Resolution: 100 Microns
3. Layer Thickness: 20-100 Microns
4. Speed: 12-20 S/Layer
5. Print Volume: 5×3.2×8 inch ( 128x80x200mm )
6. Software: SkylineWare
Automated Support Generation
Supports .STL 3D Files
7. Product Dimension: 394(L)*394(W)*659(H)mm
8. Package Dimension: 440(L)*420(W)*730(H)mm
9. Net Weight:25kg

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