GEIO Gaming Robot with Vision Recognition, Motor Ability and Control Sense – Blue

Product Description

GEIO is engineered to present you the most indulging robotic battle experience, equipped with First Person Shooter (FPS) and Visual Recognition system.

The power behind GEIO is attributed to the groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Small size but powerful

Equipped with a brand new machine vision recognition, with a high-speed omni-directional wheel, GEIO has excellent motor ability and control sense.

Machine vision, essence of the game

  • Vision Recognition
  • First person view
  • Totem scanning
  • Expression system
  • Auto – targeting

Vision Recognition

We use visual recognition technology to give Geio ‘vision’, which can see other engine bodies, and distinguish between enemies and teammates, helping you target your opponent more accurately. At the same time, it can see you as an operator and has interesting interaction with you!

First Person View

When using the GEIO app, you can click the ‘eyes’ button to enter the FPV mode. Use Geio’s perspective to give you a real first-person shooting experience.

Expression System

Geio will respond to different situations in the battlefield, including a variety of expressions and sound effects. It is also an excellent tactical strategy which can carefully identify what state it is in.

Courage and Strategy

A well-designed totem system, with visual recognition scans, allows you to gain more special abilities, and you need to do more than just attack, but control the battlefield.

Totem System

We have designed nearly 10 totems, each of which has its own unique role. Understanding their features and taking advantage of them will make you invincible.

Totem Scanning

In the FPV mode, you can scan the totem. A success scanning will bring you a special bullet matching the totem, which will cause special effect and the damage to the enemy.

More Surprises

We have designed more modes for players to fight, race and hunt treasure with friends.

  • Battle
  • Attack and defense
  • Racing
  • Treasure hunting


Size H180mm x W160mm x L160mm
Weight (Excluding Weapons) 730 g
Angle Horizontal 160 degrees
Vertical 90 degrees
Material Aluminium Alloy
PC + ABS Shell
Battery 7.4V,2000mAh Lithium Battery
Control Method Application
Phone Operating System iOS / Android
LED 3 colors LED (Back and legs)
Protection Device Overcharge Protection
High Temperature Protection
Current Protection
Voltage Detection
Internal Sensors Electronic Sensor
Connection Wifi (5.8GHz)


How long is the battery life and charging time?
Geio robot’s onboard battery lasts for about 45 minutes under intense battle and about 60 minutes under normal use. Charging from zero to full takes 120 minutes.

Is Geio safe to children?
Geio robots have passed the strictest quality control and are guaranteed to have no safety hazards. We also have included a setting for children on the interface. Please read our manual closely before you let your children operate the robot.


Geio User Manual is available upon purchase.


Android Geio APP
iOS Geio APP

Product Specs

Size: 170mm x 170mm x 160mm
Weight: 730 g
Turret: Horizontal 0-160° and Pitch 0-90°
Material: Aluminium Allay, ABS / PC
Battery: 7.4V 2000mAh
Mobile Phone System: iOS / Android
LED: 2 Parts LED lights (legs / back)
Camera: 300,000 pixels
Visual Identity Range: 50cm-2m
Connect Method: WIFI
Internal Sensor: Infrared sensors, and Magnetic sensor
Operating Frequency: 5GHz
Max Transmission Distance: 70 m

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