FELIX Tec 4L Dual Extruder 3D Printer Assembled

Product Description

ELIX Tec 4L Dual Extruder 3D Printer Assembled

The FELIX Tec 4L is the latest addition to the FELIX Tec series. The reliability and accuracy of the current FELIX Tec series but with an improved framework and design to print large objects. Loaded with advanced features and technology is the Tec 4L is the best in its class. Due to the unique and open design, the big brother of the FELIX Tec 4L truly makes a statement in every office or workshop.

Professional Quality with Huge possibilities

With the strong and sturdy design of the FELIX Tec 4L a high quality print from top to bottom is guaranteed. Compared to its predecessor (FELIX 3L) the FELIX Tec 4L is fitted with the most advanced technology to provide an accurate, reliable and easy-to-operate 3D printer. Semi-automatically calibration, a removable flex plate, professional linear guidances and bearings is just a selection of what’s integrated into the Tec 4L.

Designed to perform-Up to 400 mm in height

The Tec 4L is specially designed for the client who is required to 3D print the taller than average objects. The Tec 4L Dual Extruder offers 400 mm of height, which is almost double the maximum print height compared to the standard Tec 4. Having the 400 mm of height, brings the total print volume to almost 20 Liters.

FELIX Tec 4L Dual

The FELIX Tec 4L Dual Extruder enables you to combine different colors and materials in one single print. A very useful example of combining materials is the combination of PLA with water soluble Support Filament.


Just like every FELIXprinters 3D printer, the FELIX Tec 4L is designed from an up-gradable point of view. This means that future upgrades will be available for the Tec 4L and can be easily installed by the user.