FELIX Tec 4 3D Printer Dual Extruder Assembled with Covers

Product Description

Providing the best tool for creators.The Felix Tec 4 Dual Extruder Assembled with Covers 3D printer is designed to give you the freedom to build what’s on your mind. At FELIX printers we wanted to create a 3D printer which gives users a tool to create, to experiment and to benefit from amazing 3D printing technologies.Closely cooperating with the FELIX community has made us understand what is desired from a 3D printer. All the knowledge and experience we have gained in the last years are now integrated into one product: the FELIX Tec 4. Designed to fit on your desktop It starts with the essentials of a good 3D printer: a strong, lightweight frame. The open, characteristic design of a FELIX has many advantages. Due to its compact size it will sit neatly on your desk.

Start printing within minutes Integrated automatic leveling One of the greatest achievements in the Tec 4, is the integration of the automatic software leveling and Bump-Map Registration. This new feature will almost guarantee a perfect first layer, which is essential for a successful print.

Build to Last
The Tec 4 is ready to perform when needed thanks to the use of high quality components such as full metal print heads and industrial grade linear guides. A high level of durability turns this FELIX into a carefree 3D printer which is build to create an endless amount of 3D prints.

Get started with a single click
Start your prints easily thanks to the user friendly interface in combination with a large LCD screen and improved control buttons.

Flexible to your needs
The all new FELIX BuildPlate is designed to achieve damage-free removal of printed objects. Once a print has finished, the BuildPlate can be lifted from the build platform. Simply bending the BuildPlate will pop off the printed object within a second.

Ultimate design freedom
Benefit from the freedom to create complex geometries with the use of water soluble support material. The two individual print heads allow you to combine different materials into one amazing 3D print. WIth the FELIX Tec 4 there is no need to exchange print heads when changing materials.

Print it all
Print with over 15 different print materials or combine two different materials into one single print. A selection of compatible materials:

PVA (water soluble support)