FELIX Pro 3 Touch Dual Extruder 3D Printer With Covers

Product Description

The FELIX Pro 3 is the latest addition to the Pro Series of 3D printers and builds on the success of its predecessors in terms of quality and reliability to provide professional users with an intuitive, easy-to-use manufacturing tool for every stage of their product development workflow.

7 good reasons for the FELIX Pro 3

  1. Ready to print within minutes. Touchscreen and innovative automated calibration
  2. With just 34dB, one of most silent printers available
  3. Best in class print results. Due to unique robust, precise and open design
  4. Innovative dual head printing system. Enables more design freedom compared to single head printing
  5. Open filament system. Print most available print materials for FDM printing
  6. Upgradable, be future proof in today’s fast paced developments within FDM printing
  7. Ideal for multi-user environment, with print-server and print-file management

Designed To Perform/Spectacular from every side

The Pro 3 has been designed and manufactured to offer the highest possible price / performance ratio in its class with dedicated features that ensure minimal downtime and optimal performance as well as high quality parts. The FELIX Pro 3 is designed to make life easy for the user. ” Every feature is there to enhance productivity and get the best 3D printing experience possible”. Guillaume Feliksdal, Head Product Development.

Best in Class print results

The innovative dual head enables optimal design freedom. The Pro 3 has been designed and manufactured to offer the highest possible price / performance ratio in its class with dedicated features that ensure minimal downtime and optimal performance as well as high quality parts.

Easy to use

Maximize productivity with automated and intelligent features The team behind the FELIX Pro series bring together many years of engineering and 3D printing experience with a desire to overcome the pain points that many 3D printer users have to contend with on a daily basis. The results can be found in the Pro 3 through its robust construction, automated features, ease of use, incredibly low noise emissions and print quality.

Powerful touchscreen interface

Remote print progress monitoring and print farm ready.The new touchscreen with embedded print server gives the FELIX Pro 3 super powers. Enabling remote print file monitoring, multi-user environment and print-file management. Last but not least it is so powerful that it can control up to 10 different printers to create a print farm.

Purchase or Upgrade Service

All FELIXprinters are upgradable, we value our customers The design of the FELIX Pro 3 allows for the installation of future hardware upgrades with no fuss. Which means that Pro 3 users benefit from any new future developments. The ‘write off’ time of the FELIX Pro 3D printer is therefore impressively low and makes it a very cost-effective investment. The release cycles for upgrades are approximately one per year. FELIX strives to achieve the best possible performance in the most cost-effective way.

Technical Specifications/FELIX Pro 3

430 x 390 x 550 mm
430 x 145 x 480 mm

Weight: 11.5 kg

Build Volume: Size (X, Y, Z)
235 x 244 x 235 mm

Printer and printing properties

Print Technology
Fused Filament Fabrication
Layer resolution
Layer resolution
Build plate
Quick swap, magnetic flexplate. Upto 105 °C
Build plate leveling
Fully automatic motorized
Print head
Quick swap hot-end
Build speed
0.35mm nozzle upto 18 mm3/s
(ABS @ 250°C)
Print head travel speed
Up to 450mm/s
Filament feeder type
Direct geared extruder
Nozzle diameter
0.35 standard. Optional 0.5 and 0.7mm
Nozzle amount
2 nozzles, with intelligent dual head nozzle system.
XYZ resolution
XY, 1.6 microns
Z: 0.15 micron
XYZ typical print accuracy
+/- 0.1mm for objects up to 100mm
Nozzle temperatures
Up to 275 °C
Nozzle heatup time
Approx 30s, 25 to 200 °C
Buildplate heatup time
Approx 1.5min, 25 to 60 °C
Operation sound level
34 dBA
Open filament system, use filament from any supplier
Filament diameter
Supported materials
Recommended: PLA, PETG, ABS-X,PVA
Specials: Any filament which melts under 275 °C
Repetier-Host for FELIXprinters, freely downloadable (open source)
Supported OS
Windows 7 and upwards
Mac OS X
Linux (repetier-host)
Supported file types
STL, Obj, 3MF
Printer communication (standard)
USB serial
Standalone via micro SD card (included)
Printer communication (Touchscreen)
USB stick
Wired Ethernet
Operating ambient temperatures
15 to 32 °C
60 – 90 °F
Storage temperatures
0 to 32 °C
100 – 240V
4A, 50-60Hz
221 W max.
24 V DC, 9.2 A
Service and support
12 month limited warranty. (Wearable parts not included like hot-ends)
Lifetime support
Expert technical support via email, phone and skype. Also our global community is available to help you.
Extended support
Online support pages, our knowledge base and clear manuals, tips and tricks to get the most out of your printer.
Safety and compliance
Download CE declaration of conformity
Included in the box
Small tool kit
Power Supply unit
AC Power supply cord
USB cable
Micro SD card,
Micro SD USB card reader
12 month warranty
Quick Start Guides