Enmotus FuzeDrive SSD 900GB PRO Gaming SLC Performance/Endurance Series M.2 (P200-900/24)

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Product Features

ADVANCED ALL-FLASH HYBRID SLC-QLC IN A SINGLE M.2 FORM FACTOR: This unique hybrid SLC-QLC SSD uses 24GB of SLC, the fastest and most durable NAND available, as primary storage for direct read/write access by our smart NVMe software. This is a new type of Direct Access SLC plus QLC on the same device. Don’t confuse this with traditional QLC SSDs, which use dynamic SLC only to cache the QLC. REDEFINING GAMING PERFORMANCE: AI based smart SLC direct access technology ensures that you and your applications experience consistent and smooth performance as your drive fills up. Many traditional QLC SSDs can slow down game loads to as much as 1/3rd of their original performance as they fill up. Not this one. EXTREME ENDURANCE: Artificial Intelligence maintains performance and endurance over the life of the product by keeping active data and writes on the SLC part of the device. FuzeDrive Gold has 750 TBW and a 5-year warranty. That’s up to 4 times better than many traditional QLC SSDs. It’s built to withstand video editing, 3D-rendering tasks and high-performance gaming. FUZION TOOLS: Analyze your system and auto-install the AI drivers. Monitor life expectancy, Monitor drive health and Update firmware IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO ALL YOUR GAMES WITH FUZION-X: FuzeDrive SSDs allow you to upgrade your configuration to a triple tiered up to 32TB Big Fast Drive (BFD) using your existing or new HDD or SATA SSD that blends with your P200. Start today by creating a large Data Drive (D:) or in the future a boot drive available as a free upgrade when available.