Dot Peen Portable Engraving Machine, Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine

Product Description

Dot Peen Portable Engraving Machine, Hand Held Metal Engraving Machine

HeatSign HS-PE02 CNC Portable Dot Peen Engraver machine offer an excellent industry solution to big metal marking and engraving tasks. These lightweight hand held metal engraving machine can be moved easily, and can produce clear, deep, accurate marking on various big size metal parts.HEF technology can lead the part marking machine also work on uneven surface,so you also can mark on pipe,tube etc. The HS-PE02 hand held metal engraver marking area is 70m x 20mm,which incorporating direct 3.5inch touch screen controls, fast operation, and premium construction quality. 

Dot Peen Machine Advantages

  1. Completely Portable,just connect electric power source to use
  2. Software with powerful edit function, it can mark any logo outline,characters, letters,numbers automatically
  3. Can mark on big metal parts such as engine,truck chassis
  4. Low consumptions,one Hard Marking Pin can last at least one year
  5. EF technology make it also work on uneven surface

Technical Parameters

  • Item number: HS-PE02
  • Engraving surface: Flat surface
  • Marking area: 70mm x 20mm
  • Power source: 100V~240V 50HZ/60HZ
  • Power consumption: 300W
  • Software: Include
  • Engraving machine type: Portable, Handheld
  • Engraving depth: 0.02-0.6 mm (adjustable, depending on materials)
  • Marking speed: 2 letters~4 letters/s according to letter size (height 2mm)
  • Marking materials request: Hardness less than HRC60
  • Other Device request: None

Excellent Performance

Being able to directly mark your products has huge advantages. By engraving your company’s name, the part number, or other technical information directly onto your products, you ultimately make them easier to use for your customers. Even the most durable labelling systems are not able to achieve the permanence of engraving, making it the preferred choice for information that needs to last.

For many applications, a portable metal pin stamping tool is required. For marking large machine parts and other heavy parts, the ability to move your marking machine to the item to be marked is invaluable. Manufacturers in the electronic, metal processing, aerospace, medical, and automotive industries often regard these machines as an integral part of their workflow.

The range of text, symbols, and graphics that can be printed with the HS-PE range of machines is extremely broad, but can include:

  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Numbers),engine, car, truck chassis marking
  • Time and Date
  • Lot numbers, Serial numbers, Chassis numbers
  • Company names and logos
  • Security codes, datamatrix code

The HS-PE range of portable dot peen engraving machines offer good performance in terms of both speed and accuracy of engraving. These two factors are often the primary concern when considering such machines, and the HS-PE range does not disappoint in this respect. The HS-PE range, however, also offers several key advantages over other types of engraving machine. Primarily, the fact that these machines are totally portable means that they are invaluable for workshops and factories producing large, bulky parts and machinery.

In addition, the HS-PE series incorporates several key technological advances:

  • The advanced HEF technology allows for marking even on uneven surfaces, even relatively narrow pipes.
  • The HS-PE series machines do not require discrete air compressor systems, which facilitates a compact installation suitable even for small workshops.
  • Similarly, controlling the HS-PE series machines is accomplished through an incorporated touchscreen, a no separate PC workstation is needed. This gives direct control of the machine, and helps to minimize the compatibility and latency problems common on many other engraving machines.
  • These marking machines are totally portable, needing only an electrical connection to function. Where even greater portability is required, an optional battery may be attached.