Domino Stair Climbing Robot Trolley with Manual or Automatic Mode – 400 KG Capacity

Product Description

Domino Automatic Stair Climbing Trolley / Robot has both Manual and Automatic mode and 400 KG Capacity. It’s extremely easy and safe to use. It moves on special non-marking rubber tracks allowing the operator to move on basically any kind of indoor or outdoor surface. It is a self balancing machine, therefore there is no need for the operator to deal with the balance of the load at every step. When it comes to move a load on a set of stairs, there is no better way to do it.

NO FATIGUE FOR THE OPERATOR – The weight is always distributed evenly on the staircase, so that the operator does not have to keep the trolley balanced due to its special crawler tracks, the load always remains safe, with no risk of slipping.


  • MANOEUVRING IN NARROW SPACES – The independent crawler tracks with double electric motor guarantee maximum manoeuvring comfort even in narrow spaces.
  • BALANCED LOAD – The electric actuator, the load angle can be adjusted in order to keep it upright and balanced at all times.
  • NON-SLIPPING – Non-marking and non-slipping crawler tracks, suitable for all indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • IRREGULAR STEPS – You are no longer restricted by the height of the steps, since it can also go up irregular steps.
  • ONE-FINGER CONTROL – It is operated with a proportional joystick, making it easy-to-use and intuitive.
  • MOVEMENT ON FLAT SURFACES – Domino allows loads to be moved also on flat surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.
  • OPTIONAL – It can be equipped with a range of optional accessories so that it perfectly meets every need.
  • AUTOMATIC – DOMINO Automatic automatically adjusts the load tilt on the stair, relieving much stress during transport to the operator.


  • AVAILABLE CAPACITIES: 400 kg, 300 kg, and 160 kg
  • MEASUREMENTS: 950 x 525 x H 1145 mm. Height of the load surface from the ground: 132 mm
  • STRUCTURE: Height-adjustable handle. The frame can be removed to take up less space on the vehicle
  • TYPE OF BATTERY: Silicon without memory effect
  • BATTERY LIFE: Domino 400kg: about 500 steps
  • OPERATING SPACE: Very narrow due to the vertical position of the load and independent crawler tracks
  • DIMENSIONS: 18 x 24 inches


  • ADJUSTABLE BASE FOR PHOTOCOPIERS – It is a highly useful and essential base for those who carry photocopiers. It is equipped with sliders that allow operators to load and unload photocopiers onto the DOMINO base. The sliders have been designed to be “retractable”, therefore, once the operation has been completed, they are slid under the base of the trolley to occupy the smallest amount of space possible. The closed base has a 51 cm width. It can be adjusted up to 70 cm, according to the width of the photocopier to be transported.
  • ADJUSTABLE BASE FOR BULKY LOADS – It is a special base that allows the support base of the load to be increased. It can be extended in width up to 80 cm.
  • WHEELED BASE – This accessory provides load support on four wheels, therefore it is suitable for the manual transport of loads on uneven surfaces such as roads, pavements, etc. When you have reached the stairs, the wheeled base allows you to start directly going up the stairs, without wasting any time and without any effort.
  • LIFTING COLUMNS – They allow a single user to electrically load goods onto the base of the trolley up to 400 kg and to lift the load by up to 18 cm. They can be used to load goods with or without a pallet, and have a control, which is independent from the stair climber. Once you have finished using them, they can be placed onto their appropriate housing on the structure of the trolley, so that the user always has them available when necessary.
  • ALUMINIUM RAMP – The aluminium ramp is useful to load and unload any type of goods directly from the van using DOMINO. The measurements of the standard ramp are: 67 cm x 8 cm x 200 cm. Upon customer request, ramps with customised measurements can be provided.
  • CENTRAL ARM FOR VANS – It is used to move the load in a tilted position on the van. It is ideal for long loads on relatively low vans. It is attached directly to the frame of DOMINO and is equipped with swivel wheels.
  • BASE FOR NARROW LANDINGS – Simple and easy-to-use. It offers the advantage of avoiding the first step of the next flight of stairs and to manoeuvre the load in even narrower spaces.
  • TILTED BASE FOR PHOTOCOPIERS – It is useful in the case of vans with low loading height. This accessory allows photocopiers to be loaded/unloaded from the van while outside, so that the photocopier dictates the limits of space, without the trolley affecting this. DOMINO directly goes up onto it by using the crawler tracks. This accessory is equipped with a telescopic structure that allows the feet to be adjusted according to the height of the van, and moves on swivel wheels.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED? – DOMINO is always equipped with 1 strap to tie the load, 1 battery pack provided as standard, 1 automatic battery charger 220/24V, 2 swivel wheels for manual movement on a flat surface, and 1 standard base width 50 cm x 62 cm depth. The company Zonzini Srl has the right to make changes and/or improvements to the products and/or components at any time, also without prior notice.

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