Beagle Drone Racing STEM Kit for School Teams and Learning

Product Description

Beagle Drone Racing STEM Kit for School Teams and learning. Also, for Beginner FPV Drone Racing

Beagle Drones is a young startup out of New York City very passionate about drone racing. We believed there had to be an easier way to get into this new sport. Combatting an unusually high barrier to entry, Beagle introduces the first ever drone kit based on a modular platform including all necessary items for your first fpv racing drone build. Our unique starter kit deploys the complex technology required of a racing drone in a smooth and easy experience made simple by Beagle. Crafted with intense attention to detail, everything from our modular solder free design to our easy-to-read online instructions ensures the Beagle Drone Kit is the best way to get into fpv drone racing.

Package content includes:

– FPV VR Goggles
– Remote Controller
– Beginner Forgiveness Warranty (30 Days)
– Beagle Instruction Guide
– Drone Configuration Program
– Carbon Fiber Frame
– Plug-n-Play Motors (x4)
– Tri-Blade Propellers (x4)
– Beagle Magna Shot ESC (x4)
– Battery with Charger
– Power Distribution Board
– Wide Angle Lens FPV Camera
– Video Transmitter


– Material: Carbon Fiber
– Thickness: 3mm
– Weight: 135g

– HD FPV Cam
– 1200 TVL
– Size: 25mm x 25mm
– Weight: 9.5g
– Lens: 2.8mm,120º Lens view

– Model BD-RS2205
– 2300kv
– Diameter: 27.9mm
– Weight: 30g

– Li-Po11.1 Volts
– 3s1300mah 45c
– 10-15 minutes of power

– 40 Watt Beagle Charger

– Channels: 10
– Range:3000ft
– FS-i6S Transmitter Size: 179mmx81mmx161mm
– Omni-directional Gain Antenna

Packaging info
– Weight: 7lbs
– Size: 15″ x 10″ x 4″