Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Robotic

Product Description

Want to own an intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Water Tank Mop? Try this one. The brand new vacuum cleaner is the reliable vacuum cleaning robot with built-in anti-drop function. It is a intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner with high efficiency of wiping hair, debris and dirt easily and fast. The round shape looks very simple and classy. With a dual-mode anti-scratching system, auto-recharging, 3 cleaning paths, and large water tank brings an automatic damp mopping for hard floor, this is perfect for vacuuming and sweeping.
Automatically cleaning, vacuuming and mopping with touch control floor clean robot.

PERFECT VACUUM CLEANER ROBOTIC - for households to clean floor with little effort. 
SMART DUST CLEANING - automatically clean the room without manual manipulation.
RESERVATION CLEANING - automatically clean without attended according to the appointments time.
PATH PLANNING - intelligent path planning system, automatic cleaning & avoiding obstacles.

Space Isolator

- to divide clean zone and unclean zone.
2.4G WIRELESS RF REMOTE CONTROL - with programmable scheduling cleaning.

Intelligent dust collection and floor sweeping, 3 cleaning modes & bow type cleaning with gyroscope to provide accurate direction datum. 
Super climbing ability with SUV underpan - easily climb on the slope(2cm, 30 degree) and prevent stucking.
Lengthened side brush for 360 degree thoroughly cleaning wall side.
Built-in large mop of 300mm*95mm to make sure the floor is cleaned and the process more convenient.
High-efficient & durable 2200mAh Lithium battery, with the endurance of 120 minutes and sweep 200 square metres once time.
Unique & intelligent anti-collision system prevents damage your furniture and robot itself. 
Large LED screen display: time, battery power, week, speed, reservation days and sweeping mode display.

Note: Please do not clean the pile floor covering & long fur carpet with the side brush to avoid knotting & winding.

Material: ABS
Color: White
Type: Smart Robot Cleaner
Scope of Application: Wood Floor, Planks, Marble, Tile Floor, Carpet, Tarpaulin
Plug Type: US / EU / UK (Optional)
Voltage: AC100-240V  
Working Voltage: 14.8V
Power: 22W
Diameter: 320mm / 12.60in
Height: 90mm / 3.54in (Including the wheel height)
Cleaning Mode: Intelligent Planing
Noise: <60 dB
Dust Bin Capacity: 370ml
Water Tank Capacity: 180ml
Remote Control Battery: Rechargeable Power Li-ion battery
Battery Capacity: 2200mAh 14.8V
First Charging Time: 8 hours
Charge Time: 4-5 hours
Working Time: 90-120 Minutes
Battery Life: 1000 times
Auto Charging: YES
Side Brush: Two
Working Mode: Bow Type Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, Scheduling Cleaning
Wireless Remote: 2.4G Wireless RF remote control
Remote Control Battery: 2 * AAA 1.5V Batteries (Not Included)
Remote Control Size: 145 * 46 * 20mm
Virtual Wall Battery: 2 * AA 3V Batteries (Not Included)
Virtual Wall Size: 200 * 51 * 102mm
Distance for Controlling: ≤10m 
Using area: 50-200㎡
Operating Temperature Range: -10℃~45℃
Operating Humidity Range: ≤85RH
Item Weight: 2.78 kg / 6.13 Lb (Cleaner Robot)
Package Size: 49 * 41 * 19cm / 19.29 * 16.14 * 7.48in  
Package Weight: 4.86g / 10.72 Lb   

Package List:
1 * Cleaner Robotic Main Unit
1 * Auto Charging Docking Station 
1 * AC/DC Adaptor
1 * Space Isolator
1 * Remote Control
1 * Trailing Bar
2 * Clean Mopping Cloths
1 * Dust Brush
4 * Side Brush (Two for standby use)
1 * Filter
1 * User Manual (English)