Advanced STEM – X Drone Kit

Product Description

An Advanced STEM Drone Kit

OnPoynt, home of the Drone Ranger ® line of education kits. introduces The New STEM Scout. Like all the Drone Ranger ® kits, this one is designed to be assembled and operated by student teams.

NOTE: This kit is recommended for students with an advanced understanding of robotics.

The STEM Scout is an aircraft with a more robust suite of features. Equipped with advanced technology yet not over complex to set up and dream to fly this kit offers great STEM teaching opportunities.

The STEM Scout Education Kit includes everything necessary for an advanced STEM learning experience. This kit includes:

Flight Controller
650mm Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame
Power Board and all necessary cables
2 – Lithium Polymer Battery and a charger
30A Multi-Rotor Electronic Speed Controllers
Brushless DC Motors and propellers
Remote transmitter and receiver
Safety equipment
Required assembly tools
The STEM Scout has waypoint / autonomous flight capabilities built in so you can operate the aircraft in full autonomous mode.

Our video systems for the STEM Scout can be moved from one aircraft to another. The included 7” monitor has a built in receiver and can record video via a microSD card.

Our systems are tested and offer the best reliability and safety, are challenging for students but not overly complicated for them to build, configure and fly.

Shipping and handling will take 4-6 weeks.

NOTE: Exact drone configuration may vary based on component availability.