Advanced Robotics Learning System – Fable Play Class Set +

Product Description

Fable Play Class+ is a PLUS to have in the classroom. A complete teaching solution to have Fable spinning in the classroom, PLUS accessories to go with it! This kit includes ten Fable Spin modules, enough to ensure all students have the opportunity to maximise their learning with Fable.

Fable Play Class+ set consists of:

16 x Fable Spin modules
16 x Dongles
32 x Wheels
16 x Castors
16 x 3D connectors
8 x 3XY
8 x Forks
8 x Ball stands
16 x Adapters
16 x Phone holders
16 x Plows
16 x Lit with stand
16 x Boxes
16 x USB chargers
32 x USB cables
3 x 6-way chargers
16 x Get Started Guide.

Robots Designed For Education

Fable is a modular construction set that students can use to create their own robot in just a few minutes. The Fable robot makes it fun and easy to teach 21st century skills and STEM. In just one lesson, the students can use innovation and their own creativity to solve real-world problems. Fable is appropriate for primary (9+), secondary and higher education.

Fable teaches programming, innovation, problem solving, creativity and much more:

  • Adaptable lessons from 3rd grade to University.
  • Multiple modules
  • Build fable in minutes
  • Multidisciplinary teaching
  • No knowledge of robots or programming necessary
  • Lesson plans from 3rd grade to University

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