ABii Smart Robot Tutor: New Home Edition!

Product Description

ABii is a fun, socially-engaging, desktop-sized robot tutor which highly personalizes one-on-one math tutoring for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade (K-2 reading starting Summer 2020!)   Home Edition comes with 3 student licenses!  

ABii Smart Robot Tutor New Home Edition

Van Robotics is advancing core subjects mastery for all students with ABii – a fun, socially-engaging, desktop-sized robot tutor which highly personalizes one-on-one math and reading tutoring. The robot tracks performance and attention, compiles historical user profiles and provides detailed reports that illustrate individual learning habits over time.  In addition, ABii reports on key learning metrics like what days of the week and times of day the student performs best, average time spent on screens  and average attention.

Anyone can incorporate ABii the smart robot tutor in a variety of ways that will help students whether they are struggling, advanced, or middle of the road.  ABii pairs with a WiFi-enabled device (Windows or Mac) to illustrate important concepts and foster good learning habits.

A recent empirical study shows that ABii is helping students improve core subjects comprehension by more than 20% in just 4 weeks.

Keeping students actively engaged in learning is critical to success in life.  ABii works with students anywhere, at any time, and at any level.  ABii keeps learning fun and delivers sound educational instruction to support learning in the classroom and in the home, and even when on vacation.  Students will greatly benefit from having ABii to augment/reinforce core subjects instruction and to encourage students to reach their full academic potential.

Who Is ABii?

ABii is next-generation, educational technology. ABii engages children with fun, social interactions and effectively delivers core subject instruction to change the academic trajectory for kids in grades K-5. ABii gives parents a powerful tool for supporting and advancing school performance. We developed ABii the robot tutor because we believe it’s time we invest more in our children’s future.

ABii is a desktop-size robot with an accompanying web app that can be utilized with any wifi-enabled device. The online skills-based lessons, paired with ABii, and her online friends are part of an ecosystem that covers key topics to improve individual academic achievement. Kids love learning with ABii and stay more engaged in subjects that might otherwise become tedious or challenging for many students.

ABii is an AI-enabled, educational robot tutor that delights and educates K-5 students to accelerate core subjects mastery. The robot tracks and reports on, multiple measures of performance and attention to highly personalize tutoring for each student.