How Is Technology Transforming The Way People Look At Human Biology?

Technology has played a significant role in humanity. We rarely see or hear about people who have never been touched by its great hands. Even the people who claim to live unplugged have relied on science to be able to sustain their preferred lifestyle. Spell solar panels and energy sustainability.

Science and technological advancements have already aced the ‘convenience phase’ in making the human life easier. We are now moving to transhumanism, where we have fully understood our capabilities as people and now extending beyond our limitations.

Human Enhancement

Even the ancient people have strived to overcome our human limitations and set new records. We are inherently compelled to alter ourselves, in all aspects possible.

After developing technology, it is now humans’ turn to redesign itself. We are no longer struggling for a more convenient lifestyle. While there are still areas in the world that are subject to poverty, we cannot say that we leave out the poor in the roster of candidates for transhumanism.

In fact, while there’s a price for technological advancements, we all get a relative share of technology and transhumanism, according to our capacity to pay. We can’t deny how technology has made us a better community of enhanced individuals. Even the poor gets to see how technology works, too, though not as much as the rich and the famous.


It was technology that freed our brothers and sisters trapped in the wrong bodies. I am referring to our transgender friends who were biologically someone else. It was technology that made them true to their nature. The gender transition was made possible, and their lives have been changed, most especially their bodies.

While there are some who goes under the knife, there are also some people who choose to undergo hormone therapy orally or by injection, to be able to live their lives to the fullest extent. It doesn’t always have to be the sex change, while it happens and a possibility in different societies across different continents.


Technology has also made it possible for people to alter what others consider their aesthetic weaknesses. Fillers, surgeries, non-invasive, etc. just to name a few methods for gaining a better image. We are now given access to enhance our physical attributes, should we go for it, under a hefty price, of course.


We have to thank technology and the people who have developed them, for the means to extend our lives. Year after year, we see improvement in the methods of treatment for the diseases we never wished to have. Scientists, through the help of modern and more advanced technology, have found cures and potential remedies for some ailments that have plagued us or our families and loved ones for the longest time. We are now overcoming our limitations, even extending our lives and postponing our deaths.

These are just three significant influences of technology to human biology. We haven’t talked about the robots yet, virtual reality, and Google glass.

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